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Michelle Blake is a writer and educator who has taught at Stanford, Tufts and Goddard College, and was director of the graduate MFA writing programs at Goddard and Warren Wilson. She’s also published a critically acclaimed trio of novels about Lily Connor, Episcopal priest and amateur sleuth, a chapbook of poems, and essays and poems in Southern Review,
Ploughshares, New York TimesMORE magazine and many others. She became involved in justice and equity work when her children were in grammar school, in the 1990s in Cambridge, MA, where she worked with Dr. Linda Mizell to develop anti-bias trainings for schools and churches in the area. 


She sees Mobile as a shining city by the sea, a city with a majority population of people of color, a city with the decency, courage and will  to show the rest of the country what true justice looks like, for every resident of Mobile county.

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