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Perspectives: Stand Up Mobile

November 10, 2023

Representatives with Stand Up Mobile discuss their efforts to get people to vote.


Mobile! Rock the Vote Rally

November 3, 2023

Featuring Amelia Bacon and Tiffany Pogue with Stand Up Mobile

After annexation, Mobile’s Black voting age population will maintain relative majority
July 23, 2023

"Beverly Cooper, co-founder of Stand Up Mobile, which also advocates for increasing Black voter engagement in Mobile, said the idea now is to allow the process 'run its course' and to scrutinize how elected leaders administer policies affecting underserved areas."

Alabama Scrambles to Redraw Its Voting Map After a Supreme Court Surprise
July 16, 2023

"'I want myself and my community to have a seat at the table, rather than be on the menu,' said Shalela Dowdy, a Mobile resident and one of the plaintiffs."

Mobile activist groups hold presentation to explain Alabama congressional redistricting map
"One of the attendees in the meeting, Shalela Dowdy, is one of the plaintiffs in that Supreme Court case. She explained the overall goal during the special session is to redistrict part of Mobile in District 1."

Redistricting could encourage Black voting in Alabama

July 12, 2023


Advocates Register Voters After Supreme Court Victory Over Gerrymandering
June 23, 2023

"An amicus 'friend-of-the-court' brief that the SPLC filed with the Supreme Court on behalf of the nonprofit voter education and advocacy organization Stand-Up Mobile highlighted the fact that the state used the Alabama Gulf Coast as a 'community of interest' to create a majority-white district while splitting up the state’s Black Belt region and diluting its Black voting power."

Mobile annexation meeting interrupted by familiar complaints about infrastructure problems
April 20, 2023
"Beverly Cooper is with community group 'Stand Up, Mobile.' 'Those areas are still suffering from decay and disrepair. I don't believe we should bring in 10s of thousands of new residents when we have so much to do in the city.'"

There's a Lady Involved (Guest: Stand Up Mobile's Beverly Cooper)
February 17, 2023

Guest opinion: Citizen engagement still the best response to attacks on our democracy
February 7, 2023
By Amelia Bacon and Beverly Cooper, Co-founders Stand-Up Mobile | "Stand Up Mobile: A Blueprint for US began with a deep focus on voter education and advocacy in the Black community. For too many years, we have been excluded from the important discussions and decisions that have led to a tremendous negative impact on our communities."

Change the Culture: New Redistricting Map in Alabama City is a Victory for Black Voters, but Annexation Plan Could Reverse Historic Progress
January 27, 2023
"Beverly Cooper and Amelia Bacon, both 75, wanted justice for the Black voters of Mobile, and founded Stand-Up Mobile – an organization committed to bringing the power of the Black vote to elections at all levels. For seven months, Stand-Up Mobile urged the city council for a just redistricting resolution."

Mobile City Council Approves Redistricting Map in 6 to 1 Vote

A new Black majority: Third Mobile council map surfaces as redistricting heads to conclusion
August 1, 2022
"The organization 'Stand Up Mobile,' in a news release Monday, said it supports the third map that maintains a 53% Black fourth district."

SPLC and LWV Call on Supreme Court to Defend Equal Representation for Black Alabamians by Affirming Decision Striking Down Alabama Congressional Map
July 18, 2022
"Black Alabamians have had their voice diminished in government for too long, and have been deprived of an equal opportunity to advocate for issues like access to healthcare and education because anti-voter politicians have cracked our communities apart through redistricting' said Beverly Cooper, co-founder of Stand Up Mobile. 'We urge the Court to defend the voting rights of Black Alabamians'"

Local groups offer their own maps in response to Mayor Sandy Stimpson's redistricting proposal
March 8, 2022
"Beverly Cooper with Stand Up Mobile says both of these maps were based on the map from Mayor Stimpson’s proposal but modified to increase the percentage of black voters in district seven."

African American groups: Stimpson's proposed District 7 plan is not a true minority district
February 2, 2022
“'Under 50% is not compliant with the Voting Rights Act,' said Beverly Cooper with Stand Up Mobile. She notes that she means 50% of the voting-age population."


Mobile redistricting: Councilman claims 'relationships,' not racial demographics, drive politicsJanuary 18, 2022
'I’m concerned there will be a diluting of the Black vote,' said Beverly Cooper, co-founder of Stand Up Mobile, a non-profit organization aimed at boosting the Black vote. 'The lines drawn right now may provide a majority African Americans, but it does not ensure the majority of African-American districts.'"

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